Felty goodness

Continuing with my felt obsession, the felt beads I’d ordered from Lili la Malice arrived. How cute are they! Lots of fun. I made a ring, not bad for a first attempt. It helps that Spud wanted to assist me whilst taking the photos (average pics, but it’s late…excuses) thinking a brooch could be nice and a bracelet.

Lililamalicering1 Lililamalicering2

7 thoughts on “Felty goodness

  1. amanda says:

    Ooohh, I love those! Would totally make a fabulous brooch, or a “button” for a purse, or …oh, the possibilities! Have you thought about felting the beads yourself? It’s kinda fun.
    I popped on over here to check out your Nappy Bag (love the fabric choice, btw)…it came out so nicely! Enjoying your blog!


  2. amanda says:

    Yes, yes….of course you’re right. Producing these en masse would be not-so-fun, and definitely time consuming! I had grand plans of making small felt ball garland for my solstice tree, and gave up after about the 20th ball, and third hour!


  3. di says:

    Love the header and the beads! many possibilities with these- which colour did you get or is it a mix? looks like a variety of pinks.


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