Figgin’ in up

Not a lot of craftiness this weekend. Knitting circle on Saturday, 5 hours of knitty goodness. Though I do find groups of women a little challenging sometimes, Saturday was one of them. But I’ll be back 🙂  On the bright side was very cute little Luka. M’s lattest edition. He is one cute baby. I got to feed him his bottle. Enough to make a grrrl consider breeding….CONSIDER I said.

I’m also on the last legs of Chris’ jumper. Half a sleeve and the neck to go. It is one mo’ fo’ big jumper. Spent a lot of yesterday knitting, as a consequence gave myself a headache. Man, is he going to get  a lot of use out of this jumper.

Today. Fig Jam…F*ck it’s good just ask me (well, ask Chris). Figs, $4.50 a kilo, pretty happy with this find (little supermarket down the corner from New Norcia bakery in Mt Hawthorn). Fig and cinnamon.

Figsinpotmar05 Figncinnamonjammar05

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