Thrifty finds

Buttonsjumpers0305_1Had quite a successful thrify weekend. On Saturday dropped into the Daughters of Charity searching for jumpers to felt to make this bunny (yes, along with Alison, I’m on the bunny bandwagon, we both purchased copies of the pattern Hillary used, Forest Friends, vintage 70’s pattern). I scored two wool/angora mix jumpers together with a bunch of granny buttons (the buttons were kindly packaged behind very sticky tape which I spent an hour getting the sticky residue off).

I felted the lemon jumper yesterday in the machine together with some very purple mohair slippers that have previously been felted. I now have a very pretty mauve jumper 🙂  I deconstructed the jumper before felting it, ripped out the side seams and took the sleeves off. One of the more successful felting experiences I’ve had in the washing machine (considering I have a front loader). More details on the mauve jumper to follow.

Teacups0305Sunday morning at a very early 7.30am Gayle and I went to the Melville markets hoping the thrifty gods would smile down on us. One lap of the market it wasn’t looking too good, second lap, hit the jackpot. Gayle scored a Monkees record that had one song Teacupflower0305_1 she’s always wanted on it, together with some plants and glassware and one cool kitsch dog brooch. I stumbled upon some tea settings which are very cute and in great condition.

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