Bunny colour

I’m going to make Chris’ nieces a bunny each for Easter. The middle and last image below are the colourways for the girls. The one on the left is for me.

Bunnyfabric1 Bunnyfabric2_1 Bunnyfabric3

3 thoughts on “Bunny colour

  1. jenn says:

    I am making the same bunnies!! I have had that pattern for ages and never made one. the pictures on the cover are not really that inspiring. but I love Hillary’s from wee wonderfuls and dragged it out and got to work. Please post some pictures…I would love to see them. the material is great!!


  2. Nicole says:

    Kerrie – I know. Amy is the best! Have you seen her new range. Yummy.
    Jenn – Cool! Look forward to seeing your bunnies too. It’s a great pattern. I know what you mean. Alison (six and a half stitches) reckon they’re evil/demonic bunnies in the pattern 🙂


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