Bunny madness

Feltbunny0305_3 Sidebunny0305_1

The lilac bunny is my favourite so far and now resides with Mrs and Mr Metcalf in Greenwood. As long as Jet the labrador doesn’t eat her all will be right with the world. She’s made with the felted thrift jumper. I took the side on view before finishing her face. She has a cute toosh.

Bunny1The other bunny is for one of Chris’ nieces (got one more to sew before Sunday). Not as easy to sew with two cotton fabrics, but still a good result. Alison, had a great idea to line the ears with "spew" felt as we refer to the crap that Spotlight and other craft stores sell as "felt". It worked a treat, ears aren’t too floppy, thanks Alison. I’ve also sewn a bow around the neck as the stitching is not as easy to hide as it is with the felt/cotton combo.

8 thoughts on “Bunny madness

  1. Alison says:

    Babs the Bunny is very content in her new home, surveying all her minions (especially the four legged black one who had a twinkle in his eye when he spotted her from below πŸ™‚ ) from a place so high as to only affirm her regal nature!


  2. amanda says:

    Oh, those are adorable! And I LOVE your fabric choices for each of them–so fun. One more to go, huh? Easter is SOON! (I’m saying this as I have ONE more of my own bunnies to knit by Sunday…eek!).


  3. tanya nichols says:

    Can u post the bunny pattern or lead me to a place where I can purchase it? Im a newbie and my daughter and i want to make them for christmas this year. Muchas Gracias. Tanya N.


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