Moi competitive?


Wednesday night Alison M drops in for a cuppa, natter and knit. I’m in the midst of making hot x buns, with the assistance of Doughman. You’ve not met him? You should. Especially if you want to eat homemade pastry, pasta or any other pie/tart thing that requires dough. He’s the master (Grasshopper).

The dough is whipped up in Em’s borrowed Kitchenaid. (What a stunning piece of equipment and it lives up to its price tag, it showed the dough who was boss). Then Doughman is called to action. He continues to show the dough who’s boss and we leave it to prove for an hour. He then whops the dough into shape and makes the buns.

I come in with my trusty biscuit gun (which I have never successfully used for biscuits) and pipe the cross goo over the buns. Doughman glazes the buns with butter and in they go.

They come out of the oven. Time to taste. Doughman announces the dough is good but the spice is missing. Me sulk. NEVER. Me agree, NEVER. Alison smirking, YES. Alison and I trying not to giggle. YES.

So. Yesterday, I say to Doughman "how about whipping up another batch, you do it. Double the spice, let’s see what happens". So off goes Doughman. He also tells me he’s found another way to glaze the buns so they look all shiny and shop-like, ooh I say.

To Doughman’s credit. The new improved buns are new and improved, more spicy and much prettier. Will I admit it….maybe in a couple of days, but damn don’t they look good!

4 thoughts on “Moi competitive?

  1. emma says:

    Oh, he’s such a good boy that doughman…you are a very lucky girl!
    and dont we all like a nice pair of shiny buns (ooerrr).


  2. clementine says:

    I feel shamed. I haven’t eaten a single hot cross bun yet this easter because I was going to make some… and I haven’t got around to it yet… Maybe today, now that I have something to aspire to in the shiny bun department (ooerrr indeed. Can doughman make crumpets too?)


  3. Nicole says:

    Hey Kathreen, thanks!
    M. I am lucky, but wouldn’t have a man who couldn’t cook.
    Di – NO BUNS. What’s wrong? You sick? 🙂 I would have thought Doughman’s shiny buns could have inspired you?


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