Crafty break

I decided that I needed this week off. So I have the whole week to myself to craft. I was going to give myself a timetable but I didn’t want to restrict myself. Here’s a list of stuff I hope to do:

  • Sew clothes and accessories for sock monkey
  • Finish knitting Susy
  • Finish Chris’ jumper
  • Finish knitting checker board
  • More knitting (there’s a tonne of projects I could start)
  • Make some more felt
  • Go thrifting
  • Tidy my craft space

Aside from this I want to go to the movies, eat breakfast out, go and have lunch with Chris and hang out with Spud.

2 thoughts on “Crafty break

  1. k says:

    Lucky lucky you, hope you get everything done. I just enjoyed 4 days in a row with some kid free time thrown in, I managed to do lots and lots and it was bliss (most of the time).


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