Last bunny post, I promise

Bunnypink0305At 6pm Saturday night finished the final bunny for the nieces. 30mins to get showered and dressed to see Cake. Wouldn’t recommend sewing on a bunny face and attaching a pompom butt in a rush.

Decided I don’t enjoy sewing these guys without felt or a fabric that has some give. Cotton on cotton is too much of a nut bust. Think the girls Bunnybutts0305 liked them (they’re 2.5 and 3.5 so it’s not that easy to tell sometimes), I found one of them in a corner of the room having a discussion with the bunnies about the chocolate she was going to eat after she’d finished her vegetables. Very cute. They are hilarious little girls. Very squealy and easily entertained. They beg uncle Chris to chase them and play hide and seek, even though when he’s looking for them they have no idea that if they giggle and shriek behind the curtains he’ll see them! Too funny.

Mansack0305I decided that I didn’t don’t have anything to put Chris’ Easter gift in and that a  "manly" bag/sack type thing should be sewed, to put his goodies into at 4pm. I used some Aunt Gracie fabric with hoola hooping cats (yes, I know, very manly) and appliqued a felt pussy cat. Chris kindly gave me back the bag on Sunday saying "you’ll probably like to use this". Oops!

Cake0305Saturday night off to the Look Out to see Cake. Crap venue, average sound system (which the band complained about). Aside from this they were great live and worth seeing. Would definitely go and see them perform again. Thankfully they did favourites like Distance, I Will Survive and Love You Madly. But no Short Skirt, Long Jacket.

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