Harey mail

Operationharemailpacking Operationharemailchoccies

Lovely Lori sent this parcel of chocolatey goodness (as part of Operation Haremail swap). She posted it on 3 April and the postman delivered it yesterday!! Lazy bastard postman took too long. But am glad it arrived and in one piece. She included a card made by her daughter, very sweet. Thanks Lori!

SP4 Finito!

Come on SP4, reveal yourself! I know your name is Kate….do you have a blog? A pet? Hobbies? Do you knit? Sew? Out with it! Thanks for all the goodies, most enjoyable.

The person I was secret pal to is Dyann. Go on over and say hello. Hi Dyann!!

And, thanks to Jacqueline for running and organising. Big effort considering there was over 300 of us! I’m organising 90 for back-tack and that’s enough.

Japanese craftiness

Here they are. There’s one more but it’s with my sister-in-law having some of its patterns translated (she teaches Japanese to high school students, very handy). The Hello Kitty book is for one of the IV’s. ISBN’s from left to right 4087803651 (softies, clothing and general hand crafts), 4391117584 (small felt softies), 4834721256 (hello kitty softies).

Japanesecraftbook4087803_1 Japanesecraftbook4391117 Japanesecraftbook4834721_1

Alison gave me a little palm stuffie kit. He was good practice. I think some serious eye and hand strain could happen with making these.


Shrinky cushie

Shrinkypinscatcush0405 Continuing with my felt obsession I made a kitty pincushie (cushie because it’s too small to be a cushion). I also had a go at making some shrinky pins (as seen here, here and here). I used a craft punch to cut out the flower shapes and used hand drawn shrinky as well as laser shrinky.