Button phobia?

EDIT – 10/1/06 – If you have a phobia of buttons don’t click on this link. Apparently it will upset you.

Month of Sofites - April 2005, Front

April’s theme for A Month of Softies is "The Recycled Monster.

Why buttons? I recently returned to work from successful thrift shopping at lunchtime looking for vintage buttons. Excitedly showing my boss the buttons, I wondered why she’d gone quiet and a little strange….I mean, why not be as excited as I was about the scabby looking bunch of buttons that obviously needed a wash? It wasn’t until a few hours later I remembered that she had (and still has slightly) a phobia of buttons. As a child they made her feel ill. Any clothes she wore couldn’t have buttons! Apparently this isn’t as unusual as I thought.

The button phobia ended up driving my MOS design this month. Made from recycled denim jeans, her bottom is from the band of a thrifted felted jumper and the buttons, are all thrifted. The stuffing and thread are new.

Overall I’m pretty happy with her. She looks fairly creepy and sinister I think (well if you had a phobia of buttons), just imagine if you had a button phobia, how would you feel? Now the question is, do I take her to work on Monday to show the boss….whooohaaaarrr


EoMEoTE #6 before

Saturday morning. Wake up at 9am (sorry to those of you reading who have small people and a 9am wake up is a foreign concept). Drag myself into the kitchen, oil a muffin tin with EVOO (always wanted to write that!, took me ages to work out what the heck EVOO was, I was thinking it was a special food bloggers product, ha). Slap in a slice of leg ham (sturdy cuts, none of this woosy shaved crap), crack in an egg, slice a grape tomato in half, stick that in, season with salt and pepper and whack it in the oven (approx 180C) for about 10-15mins, depends how you like your eggs.

New Norcia sour dough, slice and make sour dough soldiers, toast them.

EoMEoTE # 6 after

Can’t take full credit for this. Taken from a Donna Hay book and revised slightly. She added shaved parmesan at the end which I forgot about and didn’t want anyhow at 9am! The sour dough soldiers are mine though!

Harey mail

Operationharemailpacking Operationharemailchoccies

Lovely Lori sent this parcel of chocolatey goodness (as part of Operation Haremail swap). She posted it on 3 April and the postman delivered it yesterday!! Lazy bastard postman took too long. But am glad it arrived and in one piece. She included a card made by her daughter, very sweet. Thanks Lori!

Eeeek EoMEoTE!*

Eomeote Mr Spicey (as he’s fondly referred to, even more so since he’s been back from Tokyo, but more on that later) sent me an invite earlier this week to particpate in EoMEoTE*. I promptly said yes before thinking that shit it’s end of month this week! So keep your eyes peeled over the next day or so why I frantically think up some egg/toast thingy to cook and post about. In the meantime, check out the flickr tag EoMEoTE.

* For you crafty types, End of Month Egg on Toast Extravaganza. For full history see this post by Cook Sister.


Pinwrist0405_1 That’s what I’ve named my wrist pincushion. I’ve had this idea for a wrist pincushion recently floating around in my head. I’ve seen them at craft stores but they always have a nasty plastic bracelet. This is my first go and needs refining. I used two pieces of felt. One piece I backed with double sided interfacing, then cut out the circles and ironed on the other piece. Embroidered around the hole (petal) edges with variegated thread, french knot (of course) centre with Lili LaMalice beads in the centre. The elastic is maybe a bit thick and white. I’ve also bought some clear bra strap material, but not sure if it’s stretchy enough.

Turtle0405 This little guy was motoring across the road on Saturday as I drove past him at about 50km (his shell was approximately 4cm long) . I saw him out of the corner of my eye, pulled over fast and jumped out the car. I don’t know where he came from or where he was headed as there wasn’t any water and it’s the middle of suburbia. He was being eaten alive by ants that I picked off him. Took him home and then wondered what the heck to do with him. Spud wanted to eat him. After a bath in some water he perked up. We dropped him off to a local waterway near home. Chris pointed him towards water and he promptly turned around and started heading for bitumen again. Go figure!