Icky0405This is what I came home to yesterday evening. GROSSSSS. Spud obviously found a friend during the day and tormented it until he’d had enough and decided that he’d leave a bunch of legs and wings for the resident freakin’ ant farm we live on. Eeeoowwww. Unfortunately for me Chris wasn’t home until much later and I couldn’t pretend I hadn’t seen it. Unlike the time Spud had flicked a piece of pooh out of his litter tray…

4 thoughts on “icky

  1. Alison says:

    My last cat completely defeathered a large bird throughtout our one bedroom flat once, that was terrific fun clearing up. Feathers were to be found for months afterwards in weird places.


  2. Lissette says:

    Oh that’s great! My cat does that to me all the time too. There was this one time she was chasing a live one around my 1 bedroom apartment for something like an hour. I ended up waiting for her to finish “going for the kill” on the balcony, because I could not be in that apartment with that roach running around like that.


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