Testosterone craft anyone?

Pjspressie0405 Pjsbag0405 Pjsbook0405

A friend’s birthday was coming up. He’s quite difficult to buy for and would definitely appreciate a hand made gift over a store bought one any day (well, that’s what he’s led me to believe). So what to do. He’s allergic to Spud and hence is generally allergic (dust, wool, etc). Knitting him a woolly scarf wouldn’t cut it. I know he has knitted in the past so the manly craft bag was created. Using some Sublime Stitching embroidery patterns I embroidered the outer front of the bag. The bag enclosed some allergy friendly denim yarn, needles and a "how-to-knit" with some simple scarf patterns. Thanks to Vogue Knitting for the how-to instructions and images that I borrowed to make the book. The gift also came with a lesson.

Pjscard0405I also made PJ a pop up card. Via Meggie Cat (she finds the most amazing stuff), Robert Sabuda. He has printable pop up cards and online instructions.

No birthday celebration would be complete without…CUPCAKES. Since 2005 is year of the cupcake for me. Simple vanilla cake recipe with Betty Crocker icing and lips and balls for toppings. Went down a treat. (Cupcake pic’s taken by PJ.)

Pjscupcakes0405 Cupcakemassacre0405

3 thoughts on “Testosterone craft anyone?

  1. Jane says:

    Lucky man! What a wonderfully thoughtful present. Love the card as well. The links you give are great – I’ve been reading for a while (the word lurker sounds sinister)and you do come up with some fab stuff.


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