Shrinky cushie

Shrinkypinscatcush0405 Continuing with my felt obsession I made a kitty pincushie (cushie because it’s too small to be a cushion). I also had a go at making some shrinky pins (as seen here, here and here). I used a craft punch to cut out the flower shapes and used hand drawn shrinky as well as laser shrinky.

3 thoughts on “Shrinky cushie

  1. Sandrine (alias Didine!) says:

    I know this post on your blog is old but I hope you’ll be able to read my comment ! Can you explain to me what is this shrinky pins (I also read you made some magnet with this material !). How do you made these things ? I’ve never heard about or seen about this in Belgium (we’re still living in the Middle Ages !) I wanted alos to tell you that I’m in love sith all your works ! Thanks a lot for your help ! (Sorry for my poor english !) Cheers !


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