Amy’s bitch…

That’s me. Amy Butler launches a new range, "Charm", and I’m there, she also has a new website and new bag pattern. Fat quarter of the whole range of course. Here’s a taster. It’s divine. I also invested in some of her flannel. I’m not a flannel fan, but this is soft and yummy.

Amycharmtaster  Amyflannel

6 thoughts on “Amy’s bitch…

  1. amy in az says:

    Oh my those fabrics are just yummy. I am going over to Zoe’s Trunk (my local fabric store) to search for these new prints! Thanks for the inspiration!!!
    Fun Fun Fun!


  2. Jane says:

    I’ve just discovered Amy Butler and am in lurve. I went to a UK quilting shop yesterday and was amazed that they stocked some of her fabric (we do seem to be colourless nation quilt-wise). My delight turned to sadness as they said they wouldn’t carry on stocking them as they don’t sell. What’s with us Brits and a bit of brightness and pattern??? Thanks for the links – great.


  3. valentina says:

    Oh, I hear you. I’ve been drooling helplessly ever since I first found her. So far I’ve been good, as I really do not need to add to my fabric stash that I don’t use anyway, and it would severly cut into my yarn budget. But a fat quarter of each IS a good idea …


  4. Nicole says:

    Amy – let us know if you get any!
    Jane – Isn’t it just lovely. Buy off an American online store?? I can give you a couple of suggested stores if you wish.
    Valentina – I know. Yarn or fabric! But I’m afraid Amy will win everytime. Surprisingly the fat quarter kit is very useful.


  5. Heather says:

    Hi! I need HELP! I need to match Charm Marmalade to ribbons! Does anyone that has bought this set also have an Offray and/or Schiff ribbon color chart? I make hairbows and have someone wanting a pair to match the Charm Marmalade. I just can’t tell what colors they are online! I’m desperate here! LOL! Thanks!


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