Pinwrist0405_1 That’s what I’ve named my wrist pincushion. I’ve had this idea for a wrist pincushion recently floating around in my head. I’ve seen them at craft stores but they always have a nasty plastic bracelet. This is my first go and needs refining. I used two pieces of felt. One piece I backed with double sided interfacing, then cut out the circles and ironed on the other piece. Embroidered around the hole (petal) edges with variegated thread, french knot (of course) centre with Lili LaMalice beads in the centre. The elastic is maybe a bit thick and white. I’ve also bought some clear bra strap material, but not sure if it’s stretchy enough.

Turtle0405 This little guy was motoring across the road on Saturday as I drove past him at about 50km (his shell was approximately 4cm long) . I saw him out of the corner of my eye, pulled over fast and jumped out the car. I don’t know where he came from or where he was headed as there wasn’t any water and it’s the middle of suburbia. He was being eaten alive by ants that I picked off him. Took him home and then wondered what the heck to do with him. Spud wanted to eat him. After a bath in some water he perked up. We dropped him off to a local waterway near home. Chris pointed him towards water and he promptly turned around and started heading for bitumen again. Go figure!

4 thoughts on “Cushie

  1. shell james says:

    He’s an eastern-long-neck tortoise. I have one here in a tank. He would have headed straight for the road again because it is hibernation season right now. The water would have been too cold for him without a heater right now. Ours is named “Terry” and whenever we have to clean his tank out during the colder months and he comes out he always goes and tries to find somewhere to snooze. It gets too cold for him out of the heated tank.


  2. Nicole says:

    Ooops. Well I hope I haven’t screwed things up for him severely! Thanks for letting me know. He was very cute and if I didn’t have an extremely inquisitive cat I would have kept him.


  3. shell james says:

    Oh Nicole, i’m so sorry i just read my comment and I sounded like such a know-it-all! That definitely was not my intention at all. I only meant to tell you why he would have gone straight back to the road not to be an “I know everything” person. Hehe funny you should say that about your cat, mine drives him nuts whenever he is out of his tank but he was here first lol


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