EoMEoTE #6 before

Saturday morning. Wake up at 9am (sorry to those of you reading who have small people and a 9am wake up is a foreign concept). Drag myself into the kitchen, oil a muffin tin with EVOO (always wanted to write that!, took me ages to work out what the heck EVOO was, I was thinking it was a special food bloggers product, ha). Slap in a slice of leg ham (sturdy cuts, none of this woosy shaved crap), crack in an egg, slice a grape tomato in half, stick that in, season with salt and pepper and whack it in the oven (approx 180C) for about 10-15mins, depends how you like your eggs.

New Norcia sour dough, slice and make sour dough soldiers, toast them.

EoMEoTE # 6 after

Can’t take full credit for this. Taken from a Donna Hay book and revised slightly. She added shaved parmesan at the end which I forgot about and didn’t want anyhow at 9am! The sour dough soldiers are mine though!

3 thoughts on “EoMEoTE#6

  1. Jeanne says:

    Hey Nicole!
    Grovelling apologies for not including this in the EoMEoTE roundup. Nooooo, it’s not only my special friends who get a write up… but I had no knowledge of your entry until I got your comment today!! Will add you to the roundup as a stop-press today. Thanks for humouring me & ol’ Spicepants – hope to see you again next month!


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