WIP cross stitch

I started this cross stitch over a year ago with the intent of giving it to my mum for Mother’s Day. A year later and it’s still not finished. I like the way it’s looking and I think once it’s finished and framed it’ll look gorgeous. I picked it up tonight with the intent of finishing it by this Sunday. After 5 minutes I’d had enough. Too tired to wrestle with a chart using single strand embroidery thread. For those cross stitch aficionado’s it’s worked on 16 count white Aida.

3 thoughts on “WIP!

  1. santos. says:

    (laughing) i had the same intention i think in 1997–to this day the piece sits, looking quite gorgeous, but um, about 2/3rds finished. i doubt i’ll get to it this decade, but maybe i’ll aim to complete it by 2007.


  2. Jane says:

    I had to have an operation in 1990 and took a vegetable garden cross-stitch into hospital with me. To this day the carrot-tops are missing as are the runner beans on the poles and the pumpkins are one-sided. I keep meaning to frame it as a testimony to what I DID achieve. Yours is really lovely – but I think the face may just be worth doing!
    How far are you with Rosy and what colour are you using? Mine will be finished today – the knitting was fine, it’s the very visible seams that bother me.


  3. Nicole says:

    Santos – Aaaah thanks. I’ll never finish it πŸ™‚
    Jane – I’ve been lurking at your blog recently and had seen some of your embroidery. Gorgeous! My Rosy, pitifully I’ve done two sleeves and have started a front πŸ™‚ I’m doing her in Black, which I don’t usually choose. Your seaming looks fine in the pic. Though I think what you’ve written about the yarn being unforgiving will be part of its charm and unstructured nature.


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