“Craft on a budget” *

Craft present on a budget

Mother’s Day this Sunday. Realise by about Thursday evening that I’d want to make something as we’re moving house in a month and the budget doesn’t include the cost of a gift. Remember that mum has a hibiscus and hoola girl quilt cover that she loves and that I have an Amy Butler fat quarter with similar look flowers. Get out trusty embroidery hoop, back it with some wadding and calico and embroider/quilt away. It’s a bastardisation of two crafts and wasn’t sure if it was going to work. Few french knots thrown in for some texture. Not sure if behind glass you can see the embroidery as well, but it definitely looks better with the glass. I also know that mum’ll love it ’cause I made it (feel like I’m 5 again, making a macaroni necklace for my mum).

Craft present on a budget

Also decided yesterday that she’d need some biscotti, whip up a batch of vanilla almond biscotti and refrigerate overnight, get trusty Doughman to slice and rebake this morning. Quickly wrap in cellophane!

* Why "Craft on a budget"? Doughman’s previously told me a story about a student of his year’s ago who turned in a pitifully lean piece of design artwork titled "student on a budget", when questioned about the lack of substance he replied the lack of funds and hence the title.

Thanks and props to Doughman for slicing the biscotti and for the photography at 10am this morning when I was supposed to be in my car already on the way to morning tea…shit, shit, crap, late… You get the idea.

4 thoughts on ““Craft on a budget” *

  1. Christine says:

    Oh it looks lovely, I wanted to handmake my mums present this year but I left it too late. I did handmake the card, I think it makes it more much more personal 🙂 I bet your mum loved it!


  2. shell james says:

    Oh that is just divine! I bet your Mum loved it. I made half of my mum’s pressie and bought the other half this year. I made her a chook cushion and bought her some dvds.


  3. Leslie says:

    Budget craft or not….this turned out SO nicely!! Lovely idea and execution!!!
    And speaking of macaroni necklaces…I got TWO this year! 🙂 Hee hee!


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