Wonky cushion

Wonky cushion Wonky cushion top view

I made this cushion ages ago. It’s from a Better Homes and Garden pattern that Alison explained to me. For an idea of scale the button in the centre is about 4cm diametre. I’ll try and explain how it works.

  • For each side you’ll need to cut 4 squares (8 total), you could alter the dimenions to suit the size cushion you want, the one pictured here has squares that are 24cm square.
  • Then sew the 4 pieces of each side together as shown in the picture so you end up with 2 large squares. (Seam allowance is up to you, it doesn’t matter if it’s included or excluded from your measurements, unless you’re anal and want a particular size cushion!)
  • Measure your lining off these large squares.
  • Sew the lining to the wrong side of each large square individually, as close to the edge as possible, say 3-5mm.
  • Here comes the "tricky" bit. You need to put the right sides together diagonally. One way to explain this is put them together right sides together and matching up perfectly. Then grab the one on top and rotate it 45 degrees so you end up with a diamond shape.
  • Then take each point and pin it to the other pieces straight edge. You’ll then pin the "sides" together, leaving one partially open to stuff.
  • Sew the seams. Leaving one seam unsewn, you could sew the first inch or so of this last seam to make it easy to hand stitch later.
  • Turn cushion right side out, push out corners and stuff. I ripped open a feather and foam insert I had and stuffed it with this. I think feather and foam is perfect for cushions, it doesn’t tend to lose it’s fluffiness after time like polyfill can.
  • Slip stitch last edge open.

I also thought this process could work for a pin cushion. You wouldn’t need to line it I don’t think. Not sure if felt would be too rigid. Maybe some sort of wool blanketing. I’ll try and make one this week with "how-to" pictures.

3 thoughts on “Wonky cushion

  1. kathreen says:

    cool, can’t wait for a picture tutorial, I am totally dyslexic with these kind of instructions – I think I fazed out half way through reading it. great colours and really love the unusual design.


  2. clementine says:

    I don’t quite get the lining bit (does it need to be lined?) but I think I do get the rest of it. Very clever! I’m sure it would make a cool pincushion!


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