My crafty space

My Crafty Space

What’s this? This is a badly stitched photo of my crafty space. Martha at Naive Knitting has a "Studio Confidante" project going on, well yesterday was the cutoff, but she’s being kind and giving everyone until tomorrow to submit. I’ve submitted mine, you can just see her in the picture the little pink fuzzy thing to the left of the inspiration board. You’ll have to wait and see Martha’s sideshow for details. I had Chris take this as he’s over 6ft tall and could get more detail in the shot. The room we share (his desk is on the opposite wall) and there’s about 1.5 metre floor space between our desks. I couldn’t get far enough away to get the desk in, so Doughman to the rescue. Though in the new place we’ll have METRES between us, which will give him some breathing space from my craft.

I’m not going to lie to you and say that my desk doesn’t normally look like this, that it’s neat and pristine (Doughman would be rolling his eyes about now). It usually looks worse than this. I don’t know about you fellow crafters but I find I get an idea in my head or am looking for something and end up dragging stuff out and leave it out to remind me, etc and so on! It’s a perpetual "mess", I tidy it, then I find more stuff, get it out, tidy…you get the idea.

There’s a general orderliness by the storage I have on the desk. There’s re-covered coffee tins in the top right corner (not visible here, go to the flickr link to see) that contain knitting needles, scissors, knives, pens, brushes etc, then in front of this are my containers of ribbon, ric rac, paints, stickers, punches, glitter, stamps etc. My cutting matt is always out ready for use and I like to leave the sewing machine out, just in case I want to quickly stitch something.

The "pin" board is a cork pin board I flipped and recovered with wadding and fabric. You can’t actually pin anything to it, but the ribbon grid works for slotting things on it. A the moment it needs an overhaul, do you guys do this? Do you constantly update your inspiration boards?

The top left of the desk there’s a black stand with some greenish boxes on it. These boxes contain a zillion different sequins (mostly flower shaped), mini buttons, brads and eyelets. In front of this there’s a stack of white boxes. The bottom one contains my recent vintage button acquisitions (yes, Amanda, they’re colour coded) and the other contains general sewing paraphernalia. There’s more, but I think you get the idea. I seem to have a need to have stuff around me. I don’t get neat, stark spaces, they’re a little frightening and to me lack personality and life.

One thought on “My crafty space

  1. kathreen says:

    yep, this looks like my space, I have only recently converted the spare room so it is still pretty unorganised with no inspiration board – must get me one of those – although I do have scrap books around I am always jotting notes on.


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