Favourite Cooking Gadget Friday!

Potato ricer Potato ricer

Couldn’t help myself. Here it is "Favourite Cooking Gadget Friday". Mine is something I probably never would have bought for myself, it was a birthday present from Gillian and Paul (hi Gillian!). It’s a potato ricer. It’s like a giant garlic press. It makes the best mash. The potato gets well and truly smushed. Let me know if you have a favourite gadget.

6 thoughts on “Favourite Cooking Gadget Friday!

  1. anthony says:

    Hey a ricer, they’re great. Reminds me of the Play-doh hairdresser. I used to do my mashed potatoes with a bamix before I was set straight.
    I like knives but my rind peeler that makes really thin strips is the best.


  2. Anamaria says:

    I was about to say that my favorite cooking gadget is my jar opener (not my husband, the other one). That makes it sound like opening a jar passes for cooking in my kitchen, doesn’t it? We like the flour sifter, too!


  3. Alison says:

    We have one of them and it makes brilliant mashed potatoes, and is the only thing to make gnocchi with 🙂 Couldn’t live without this product in my kitchen.


  4. kathreen says:

    i have seen those potato ricers on cooking shows and always thought how handy they would be. mmm my favourite gadget is the can opener. no maybe the rice cooker. I don’t get much cooking done these days. my hubby loves the wok – he is usually our gastranomic genius.


  5. emma says:

    Oooo I would say that my favourite gadget is…oh, No, that’s rude!! My favourite KITCHEN gadget is a tie between my Francis!Francis! coffee maker (if you can call that a coffee maker) and my parmesan grater (looks a bit like your potato ricer but smaller). Oh, and I couldnt live without my pizza stones.


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