Porniest book?!


Spicey’s started up a self activating meme on cookbooks…if you dare! There’s the obligatory flickr pool. Get swimmin’.

1. Rationale behind what we’re seeing? After photographing my cookbooks and looking at the images I was thinking that it doesn’t look that interesting. There’s a mixture of my books and my partners (Doughman!). Doughman’s books cover bread, eating healthy, Rosemary Stanton and Ian Palmerton (he’s converted me to Rosemary). My stuff tends to be the flashy "look at me" type of cooking 😛 (Clarification, very simple food that is tasty on its own merits without a whole lot of excessive chef effort.) Early Jamie Oliver, Donna Hay (books and magazine), Stephanie Alexander, Maggie Beer, with a few vintage baking books thrown in.

2. Most recommended? Delicious magazine. Useful technical information, well styled, array of different chefs, easily available produce.

3. Cookbook that made you what you were? Hmm. Tricky. If I’m honest and a little embarrassed to admit, late 1980’s Vogue Entertaining magazine with a little Women’s Weekly thrown in for the basics.

4. Porniest cookbook? Hmm. Lorenzo’s Antipasta, beautifully styled (gorgeous photography) and lots of simple small food that is delicious…followed second by Christine Manfield’s Paramount cookbook (a book I bought for the styling, photography and diecutting, more so than the food, I find the food over the top and too many hard-to-find ingredients).

5. Sophie’s Choice cookbook? Probably Stephanie Alexander’s Cook’s Companion (I have the first and second edition, the second edition I don’t use, the first is well loved).

6. If you were a cookbook, which cookbook would you be? Bowl Food.

7. If your cookbook we’re extrememly valuable, so valuable you might hide it with other valuables, where would that place be? Knicker draw.

One thought on “Porniest book?!

  1. Fiona says:

    Your cookbook shelf looks spookily similar to mine! I like Delicious, too; am so glad they started with the end of year index – it’s saved me from tearing my hair out on many occassions!!


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