I posted last week about a cushion design that could be suited to a pincushion. I’ve done a tutorial of sorts. It’s not in my genes to be specific about things, so writing a tutorial is not something that I get joy out of (I know, you’d think this would work against me when sewing, knitting and generally crafting, I rely on my intuition and it hasn’t let me down yet, however I’m open to projects not being perfect, so if you’re a perfectionist I could be your worse nightmare!).

This tutorial is done in the spirit that it would be nice to share and that some of you crafty’s might like to give it a go. As cushions go this is probably my favourite shape and style. It allows itself to various permutations. So here goes…if I’ve written something in shorthand, let me know, it’s a habit.

1. Cut out 2 squares. I cut out 4 inch x 4 inch squares for this pin cushie (I’ve used a woven woolen fabric, you could use whatever you wish, however fabric with a some stretch makes sewing a little easier). Mark the centre point on each edge.

2. Then pin one piece to the other at each middle point (at the points you marked in the first step). This is a little tricky, you’re pinning the point of one square to the middle of the other piece. I find if I pin only a small amount of fabric it is easier.

3. Pin the remaining four sides and sew, leaving one edge open. I would recommend sewing just past the corners on the last edge so that you get a nice corner. Stuff with your choice of filling, for the pincushie I used polyfill, however for the full size cushion I used a foam and feather mix.

4. Slip stitch the open edge closed. You could just leave it there, but I like to place a button in each centre and pull it tight to create an indent. Finished! One mini cushion or pincushie. I whipped this one up in less than an hour.


No picture of me sewing. You figure it out :), feel free to email me any questions or leave a comment telling me off! I think the side view helps make it a little clearer?? If you’d like to see larger images go to the flickr set here.

3 thoughts on “Pincushie

  1. Clementine says:

    Wow- looks piss easy! I must make one… just as soon as I can get my boyfriend to let me take over the “studio” (come-computer playroom) for a few hours…


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