Grrr, baaar

bear lamb suit

There HAS been knitting here at Craftapalooza. The past few weeks have been taken up by knitting this little fella (a commissioned knit). He’s a Debbie Bliss bear. I’m no fan of Debbie’s patterns. No schematics, minimal instructions. I’m knitting Rosy, another Debbie Bliss pattern, have been for a while, and there are no schematics for this either. It’s not an overly difficult pattern however, the finishing instructions are ridiculously minimal. Alison M has finished Rosy and had a hell of a time sewing it together. She emailed Debbie and did get one response, however it needed further clarification and she responded to Debbie and to date has had no answer. A little rude. Anyhow. Enough Debbie bashing.

Even though this bear wasn’t hard to knit he had an amazing amount of pieces (the Gromit was more frustrating). His head is 5 knitted pieces. He has soles for both his suit and his legs that were sewn into the legs. The suit wasn’t too bad to knit, wool cotton is a lovely yarn, but it splits like buggary and when you’re knitting toy garments that are on smaller than guage needles, ouch!

This post wasn’t meant to be a winge. Overall the bear’s come up quite good and hopefully the customer will love him.

13 thoughts on “Grrr, baaar

  1. abbyjane says:

    Even though it sounds like it was an ordeal to get him finished, the bear is so adorable I think it was worth it! I love his little face and ears and the suit is really cute. He’s great!


  2. Clementine says:

    He IS exceptionally cute, but I can see why the fiddleiness of it would put you off doing another one. I’m sticking to Kate’s bunnies for stuffed toys from now on- far less seaming and piecing!


  3. amanda says:

    He is just adorable. And not to Debbie bash, but I’ve always groaned a bit when I enter one of her patterns, and cursed them by the end. But oh, it’s cute! You’ll surely have a happy client!


  4. Jane says:

    I think he’s great, but it’s a bit spooky that you’ve transferred some of your ‘I’m so tired with following these intsructions now’ feelings into his expression. But maybe that’s only because I’ve just read your post.
    When I sewed up Rosy it was OK, but perhaps I wasn’t reading the pattern too closely.


  5. amanda lee says:

    Oh, evil Miss Bliss! I am not totally daft yet always have to read the evil one’s patterns thrice (and still end up winging it). My sympathies to you. Looks lovely.


  6. Amy says:

    That bear is adorable! I love her patterns, in theory. But, I totally agree that the lack of diagrams is a pain. And, yep, SO many pieces for those little guys.


  7. Elizabeth says:

    He’s adorable! I have been known to Debbie Bliss bash on occasion, because of the lack of schematics for one, she doesn’t respond to emails for two but the biggy: did you ever notice how often she recycles her knitting patterns from book to book?


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