Well not quite. But taking Alison’s lead, here’s some links. There is craft happening here at Craftapalooza, though I’m a litle distracted by our impending moving house in mid June. (Picture me doing small jig at excitement of nicer house with dishwasher.)

Reading Wallpaper recently I discovered Illustration. Click on the felt link. Very cool felt flokati rugs made from felt in pasta shapes and named the same.

A friend of mine (hey Gillian) has recently mentioned ethical shopping, her question to me was "is your shampoo and conditioner tested on animals"? I think I surprised her by knowing that it’s not tested on animals and that it’s also produced in Australia. I also buy unbleached toilet paper made from recycled products. They’re small gestures, but gestures nonetheless. Do you guys think about this stuff when shopping?

Via Camilla, We Are What We Do. What’s your action going to be?

5 thoughts on “Linkapalooza

  1. Amanda says:

    I think about this stuff when shopping. I try to use less and buy things that are better for the earth and the people making them. One of the things I noticed recently is that the “natural” shampoos (I use Nature’s Gate, not tested on animals) are actually better for my hair than those expensive chemical concoctions I’d been getting from the salons. My new shampoo/conditioner is doing a much better job at controlling my frizz. So this is a case where everyone wins!
    I really liked the “We are what we do” link, thanks for passing it on.


  2. Thepalgal says:

    I very much do. I know there are several companies that are 100% animal testing free and use recycled products for there packaging. I also use eco paper which is recyled. It may not be a huge dent in awarness but it makes me feel like I am doing something to combat bad things.


  3. kathreen says:

    yeah i do think about these things, i usually buy unbleached recycled toilet paper (although for a while i was addicted to that new bubbly toilet paper that doesn’t have layers and is very soft and you don’t seem to use as much because it is kinda padded – but my ecological self stepped up) i also use garden safe clothes washing powder so we can recycle the grey water onto the lawn. i have been toying with getting rid of the dishwasher detergent and using bi-carb soda instead which works fine, but i havn’t found a bulk source of it anywhere – it just comes in these dinky useless packets. i make my own body scrub out of salt and olive oil, and never use soap or shampoo on the kids, they just soak the dirt off in a 2 hour bath marathon!


  4. clementine says:

    I do to- use the recycled loo paper and products not tested on animals (they’re way more luscious too- bonus!)
    Like the We are what we do link. Feeling chuffed that alot of that I do- although I could fill the kettle less full and switch off things at the power point and listen ALOT more!
    Kind of scary though that some simple things some of us take for granted, many people wouldn’t do.


  5. gayle says:

    i do think about this stuff to point of almost obsession! are we are becoming more aware of what we flush down the drain? look at the most popular cleaning stuff and shampoo etc, whats in it? should we be polluting our bodies with what is in it, never mind the planet?!!? the thing is, natural products are usually cheaper per use too, as a little goes a long way. it is a lot more expensive to your pocket, your body and the planet in the long run to use the inexpensive chemicals we pay a fortune for!


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