A saclike structure

Closed pouch

These guys are winging it across the ocean to Houston, Texas and Long Beach, California. One’s for a swap with Laurie and the other is a giftie for soon-to-be-mom for the third time (mad woman!) Leslie.

As first pouches go I’m pretty happy with them. Apart from the obvious mistake. Can you spot it? I didn’t sew down far enough from the top of the pouch when creating the channel for the ties. So when you pull the ties closed you don’t get a nice ruffled top you get a sort of crinkled mess. You can’t see from the photo but they are fully lined with contrasting fabric. The ties are leather laces. The polka dot fabric is from a tea towel recently purchased from Target (thanks Alison!).

Note to self. Next time you take a picture against the window, clean it first!

7 thoughts on “A saclike structure

  1. laurie b. says:

    Ohh… so cute! I can’t wait… I almost feel guilty, like I’ve guessed what a gift is before I open it. Note that I said almost…
    p.s. I’ll be dropping off packages at the post office on Tuesday as Monday is a holiday here… 🙂


  2. bellablue says:

    These are absolutely LOVELY! I adore the fabric and how you embroidered around the button. I jut got a new Kids Embroidery book so I’m off to learn that art!


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