Grab yourself some crumpet fingers, whisk up a couple of free range or organic eggs, dunk the crumpets in the eggs. Cook the bacon in the sandwich maker (quick and easy), put aside, and place the eggy crumpets in the sandwich maker. Serve with HP and tomato sauce, or if you can’t help yourself, with your own homemade tomato relish. All over in under 10 minutes. Eat quickly with a nice hot cuppa tea.

Update: Cook sister.

9 thoughts on “EoMEoTE#7

  1. Margaret says:

    Why, oh why, did I read the comments AFTER I just had this for lunch? I went the sauce option, but Clementine’s maple syrup suggestion made me smack at my head at the missed opportunity. Still – YUM.


  2. Stephanie says:

    That looks, and sounds, wonderful, but may I ask a question? I recently made crumpets, so what are crumpet fingers? Is is just crumpets cut into finger-shapes?


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