Food type

Amaztype Zeitgeist - Hitchcock 2 Amaztype Zeitgeist - Hitchcock 3

Very cool concept. A typgraphic book search (using Amazon of course), showing the top 10 words over a 7 day period (covers all media, author in books, artist in music, actor in video/DVD, director in video/DVD). Once your zeitgeist is finished click on the mini images to zoom in for more detail. Gotta go see it for yourself.

Spicey kept this quiet or maybe he didn’t and I just didn’t notice. He’s one of the contributors of Digital Dish, a compilation of writing from 24 different food blogs. What a great idea! Congrats Spicey. I reckon us crafters should get off our asses and do something like this (Spicey’s offered to write, now who’s going to edit?). Published by Press for Change Publishing, be interesting to see what other books they have in the works.

3 thoughts on “Food type

  1. Owen says:

    Hi there – Press For Change Publishing here…
    Right now it is the one book – we are dipping our toe in. If sales go well then we will start branching out. Your suggestion is exactly in line with the kind of thing we’d like to do and if you know anthony then he can fill you in on the whole deal (like that we pay authors better than just about anyone). BUT – this book has to succeed first. So go to spiceblog and buy a copy or a thousand!


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