back-tack finito!

If you’re a back-tacker and are reading this post….do you feel guilty? Aaaah you do? Why? You’re running late and you haven’t posted your finished back-tack? Hey, it’s ok. Relax. But please, please, please send your recipient a little email to let them know that all is right with the world and that you’ll be sending it soon (maybe give them an idea when it’s coming). Oh and don’t forget to take a photo BEFORE you send it and email it to us backtackATgmailDOTcom.

The flickr gallery for finished back-tack’s will be up in the  next 1-2 weeks, so keep ’em peeled. There’s lots of gorgeous creations out there!


Hey strangers! I’ve been "absent" from my blog the past 2-3 weeks and it’s a little strange. Feel like this week I’ve finally resurfaced from the moving trauma. Trauma’s a dramatic word, but it was. Totally in my head traumatic of course, self created, the best kind I reckon.

Starting to feel like crafting. A nice quick fix was to make my Martas arm knitted shawl (pattern and how-to at this link). I’ve not been to the store but hear it’s amazing. I have ordered online and her colourways are stunning. The shawl takes under an hour to knit (approximately 300gm yarn).

The bottom pic is my neck warmer (keeping with the current theme of scary pictures of myself and not being vain). I added the fringe (a mix of yarn and crushed velvet ribbon) and a flower, which you can’t see clearly in this picture. I also wear it off centre. Al has posted about these recently. Al M gave me this yarn as a gift, she just came back from Melbourne (lucky duck). She also gave me a bunch of other stuff which I didn’t photograph, partly because I’ve eaten it or I’m using it.

Shawl - arm knitted Neck shawl

My blog’s first birthday is next month! I’m impressed that I’ve managed to keep going the whole year and not get bored or tired of it. I’m thinking of a birthday month competition/giveaway but at the moment no brilliant ideas have come forth. Anyone with a suggestion feel free to email me or leave a comment, if I choose yours a little something special will come your way. Update: Alison and I are in discussions, stay tuned…

Self portrait Tuesday?

More like mug shot Tuesday! Kathreen’s been posting recently about self-portraits. Her’s are often stunning as are others. I’ve avoided this topic my whole life. I just hate having my photo taken. Smiling or "posing" just doesn’t come naturally (shut up to all my scoffing friends!). I went out with someone once who’s whole family could smile beautifully on command for photo’s. His grandmother used to complain, "Nicole open your eyes, smile, why are you pulling a funny face…" and so on. I now realise that I just don’t feel comfortable about my looks. I’m not a regular beauty, I have always felt "ugly" and hence when that sort of focussed attention is on me my face decides to do stupid stuff. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve gotten over a lot of the issues I had with my appearance, but I still can’t shake the funny face photo’s. This collection were taken today. I was trying to photograph some knitwear I had recently finished and discovered all the faces I pull. I’m also posting it here with the slight discomfort of realising how vain I am and decided that if Spicey can be a man-sized gnome, I can post these!



It was Spicey’s birthday on Saturday. He had a casserole party (everyone bring a casserole). Lot’s of food, giggles and frivolity. I’m going somewhere with this, patience! I find making man gifts a challenge, but the obvious choice for Spicey was a mapron, since he’s the chef. I’d found some Michael Miller (French Country) fabric printed with instructions on keeping chickens for the table and partnered it with some tea towels I’d found at Target. The whole thing was edge sewn once it was turned out (basically two very large rectangle shapes, right sides placed together, sew around all 4 sides, leaving gaps for the insertion of the tie cord, if you’re cleaver you could sew the cords in at this point, but I’m not, and leave a larger gap so you can turn it out right way). Turn it out, press all seams, insert "cord" and oversew this, then edge sew the whole thing. I also did another line of stitching across the long edge at the top of the apron about 1inch down from the first line of stitching to create a waist of sorts. I also allowed quite large hems (about 1inch). Easy!

I don’t think this qualifies for Amy’s tie one on this month, the theme being "home on the range". Great idea Amy.

Front of apron

Back of apron

Reversible apron


It’s been gifties galore around here the past few weeks. Due to "the move" we’re sans internet at home for at least another 5 days, but that’s another story. So the point being, I’m blogging after work at work. Not as much fun, but blogging nonetheless.

Finally unpacked the last of our belongings on Saturday, well I unpacked the rest of my crafty stuff (I reckon it took up at least a 1/3 of our move). I rediscovered the following treats received the past few weeks.

I apologise in advance for the average pics, these were taken in a frenzy on Saturday in between unpacking.

Juju put a call out for comments and a swaperoo. She sent some lovely fabric and I think some of the fabric (the one in the bottom of the pic) is vintage? Beads, tape measure and cute cards. Thanks!

Juju loves polka dots giftie

I sent Amanda some buttons and stuff a few weeks ago and she very kindly reciprocated! How sweet is she. She made me a pouch out of munki fabric (she knew I’d been dribbling over it), the prints are much lovelier in person. She also sent a skein of handpainted yarns wool, it’s so soft and a lovely colour, not sure what I’ll do yet and finally some of her marble magnets and a vintage vests pattern book. A great surprise!

Soule Mama giftie

And last, but definitely not least. I did a swap with Laurie. She made the cutest kitty!! My picture does not do it justice, check out her much better pic here. She also sent along some very cute paper and a little mod pincushie. Thanks!!

Liquid Paper giftie

brief update

I’ve been lurking on back-tack participant’s blogs to see how their progress is coming along. Oh my. How amazing. So far I’ve spotted the following finished items:  Alison and Hillary’s amazing creations. Check out what Bella Dia’s done, far out! AND Mary, Mary is a new blogger and to her credit started the blog to particpate in back-tack (hope you don’t mind me mentioning this Mary), she had every intention to start a blog, but we bullied her into it! How great are Mary’s finished items. Stunning. Kathreen’s finished hers and it’s lovely (I love Kathreen’s blog roundup).

I recently participated in Crafty Little Cow’s CD swap. What fun! It’s really cool to receive a cd of music from someone you don’t know! I’ve received two out of five so far. I’ll post when I receive them all. I didn’t get the time to photograph mine so you’re going to have to make do with the digital graphics I created.

cd swap

Boxes, dirt, more boxes and more dirt

Still unpacking, still sorting, still tired and today, very grumpy. Luckily for me I’m at work, Chris has been a doll and has finished up the cleaning at the old place for the past two days. He’s at the cinema now enjoying Star Wars for the second time.

I’ve moved quite a bit in my time but this move seems to be have been the most stressful. I’m extremely tired and just feeling quite fed up. Doesn’t help that new place wasn’t exactly clean. On the surface it looked alright but on closer inspection it’s icky. Dirty bathroom, kitchen and floors. I’m walking around saying to Chris "don’t touch that I haven’t wiped it yet", stuff like that. As most my friends know I’m not the most house proud, but maybe I just don’t like other people’s dirt?

Yes it rained, it was cold and the guys that moved us I would never recommend EVER. They dropped our sofa in a puddle as with our matress. Scratched the fridge door handle and the side of the sofa and dragged my favourite shelves up the stairs instead of carrying them. They also walked through a giant puddle (instead of around it) everytime.

Aside from all the above moaning, it’s slowly feeling better. Spud’s coped fairly well. He’s a little freaked by being up high and keeps growling at the gargoyles on the roof opposite us. I may post pictures, but it’ll be on the weekend, this place is much darker and I’ll need daylight.

I’m even too tired to craft!! I know, that’s just wrong. Tonight I’m meeting with the IV’s and I think I’ll just have to go along and sit in a corner and be entertained by the ladies. Do you think they’ll notice if I fall asleep in a corner with my needles in my hands? I’d rather be with the IV’s than at home looking at all the stuff I need to unpack. The craft space looks like someone opened boxes and spewed* stuff everywhere. It’ll be tidied by the end of the weekend. It has to be, I have to sew a gift before Saturday, eek. Over and out and I promise more frivolity and craft next post. If you’ve sent me something and I’ve not posted, it’s coming, once I dig the camera out and finish unpack…….you get the idea.

*Talking about spew….woke up at 7am this morning to cat spewing ON ME, well on the velvet blanket on the bed up near my head. GROSSSS. Just as well it was chunky and not too wet. Maybe he’s not so happy about the move, here mum, take that!