Heeeeere’s Esme


Well the saucy tart decided to grace us with her presence. Her mummy, Alison, made her for me. This picture looks like a mugshot, that is because Esme and Daisy were caught swimming in Spud’s water bowl (they’ve now been banished to the naughty chair). They’re strange kitties, they also got stuck into the pumpkin pasta bake last night and I nearly had to remove them from the table when they’d finished their desserts and tried to finish off my lemon pudding. Cheeky!


4 thoughts on “Heeeeere’s Esme

  1. Janine says:

    I had been planning to re-visit in the off-chance I would get to see Esme….am very happy she deigned to grace these pages with her presence


  2. Nichola says:

    Oh My GOD!! How crazy?! I was searching your blog for an idea of what to send you and came across Esme. We are calling our baby Esme! Isn’t that freaky? I think my Esme will look a tad different though.


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