Packin’ craft

Finished back-tack

This weekend was one of packin’ and sewin’. Smart thing to do. Organise a swap and then decide to move house in the middle of it. (Then invite very close friends over for dinner and keep sewing until 5.30pm, then realise it’s 5.30 and BUGGAR haven’t started dinner, wake up Doughman, who’s having a nanna nap, for assistance and start a frantic 1 hour cooking session. Pumpkin/pasta bake thingie and lemon pudding, for those curious types.) Joy for everyone. Let’s just say that our alter egos were out this weekend (Bruce and Sheryl). It’s all good if a little snappy.

I decided that I had to sew my back-tack goodies this weekend or else it’ll arrive too late.  Friday night was quilted pouchy thing, Saturday needle roll, Sunday wool tote and just because I thought there wasn’t enough sewing this weekend a customised tape measure on Monday (public holiday here in Perth). The pouch and needle roll are silk lined for that added sexiness. The wool tote could be flammable, so if you receive it from me, please, please, please, stay away from open fires. :p  It’s lined with the flower fabric used on the needle roll (lovey fabric) and trimmed with pompom (thanks BT pal, I’ve always wanted to sew with this!).

back-tack pouch open back-tack tape measure

back-tack needle roll

At about 4pm yesterday arvo I remembered that I was going to sew a pouch for someone (it’s a surprise). So back on the machine, in between packing up my craft stuff (don’t you hate packing up craft stuff). Back on the machine, foot to the floor, iron on, pressing seams, fabric stiffener back out of the box. Lined with olive green silk and fastened with a cream leather thong.

Surprise pouch

Phew. I’m tired. How about you? Anyone feel like packing a few boxes for me?

11 thoughts on “Packin’ craft

  1. kathreen says:

    oh bloody hell. you are too too good. this lot is fantastic, now I better get to producing – you and hilary at wee wonderfuls have just set the bar.


  2. Alison says:

    You know if you hadn’t said anything I would never have realised the state of hysteria you said you were in before we arrived :). Dinner was mmm mmmmm and your back-tacker recipient will be most pleased with their incoming booty!


  3. Leslie says:

    That customized tape measurer is genius! How wonderful!
    And for being “under the gun” (what with packing and such), you sure managed to create such gorgeous goodies for your B-T recipient!


  4. kelly says:

    Wow! I’m overwhelmed with your beautiful creations! I’ve definitely got to get going on my back-tack goodies… I only hope they come out half as wonderful as yours!


  5. amanda says:

    Wow, wow!! Those are some amazing creations! I wonder who the lucky recipient of those will be. You’re inspiring me to get moving on mine!


  6. Hillary says:

    definitely amazing! great great stuff – love that measuring tape cover. so cute! you’re going to make some lucky backtacker super happy.
    too bad I’m on the other side of the globe – I love to pack! well, the first few boxes anyway 😉


  7. Nicole says:

    Hey everyone. WOW thanks so much for the comments (I think it’s a craftapalooza record! 🙂 ). It might not have sounded like it but I did enjoy making all this and yes I think the tape measure is my favourite too! Looking forward to seeing everyone’s finished goodies.
    Hillary….concorde still running?


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