washi, washi, washi, oi, oi, oi

Washi cufflinks

Alison M and I recently went to the craft fair that’s been doing the rounds here in Australia. Usually it’s the normal collection of very average disappointing craft. (I refer to it as potpourri craft.) Anyhow, this time we were pleasantly surprised. Amongst it all we found this little stall where she was selling kits. Kits for making brooches, cufflinks and a bunch of other items. Using washi paper, glue and varnish. Very, effective and a quick fix. (Well, sort of quick, in between waiting for coats of varnish to dry.) She had a great array of jewellery findings, if you’ve ever attempted to make jewellery you know this is often the hardest part, finding decent findings that aren’t covered in crappy patterns. The ones she had a simple and modern. Another friend and I have been talking about having a stall at one of the local council’s more successful craft fairs, these would be perfect. Pictured at the top are cufflinks, how cute is that paper, and below is a brooch, the finding on the brooch has a loop as well if you wanted to wear it as a necklace.

Washi paper brooch

5 thoughts on “washi, washi, washi, oi, oi, oi

  1. Kate says:

    I’ve done something similar with japanese paper, pre-made canvas frames, glue and varnish. Makes very nice wall-art for the financially challenged!


  2. anthony says:

    Oi what great cufflinks, should be more of them but try telling that to shirt manufacturers.
    My personal fave set are Paul Smith one’s made from the keys of an old typewriter.


  3. Nicole says:

    Kate – that’s a great idea.
    Spicey – Ta maaate. I know what you mean and I’ve bought those paul smith ones for a friend before. Check out the glass ones at happyowlglass.com. What’s your favourite colour boofhead?
    Joy – Hey thanks! Yep you got it right cra(p)ft is it! Great word.


  4. jen says:

    ooooh those cuff links are so pretty.
    and so is the stuff you made for the backtack ( i am not a participant) such lovely stuff.


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