Boxes, dirt, more boxes and more dirt

Still unpacking, still sorting, still tired and today, very grumpy. Luckily for me I’m at work, Chris has been a doll and has finished up the cleaning at the old place for the past two days. He’s at the cinema now enjoying Star Wars for the second time.

I’ve moved quite a bit in my time but this move seems to be have been the most stressful. I’m extremely tired and just feeling quite fed up. Doesn’t help that new place wasn’t exactly clean. On the surface it looked alright but on closer inspection it’s icky. Dirty bathroom, kitchen and floors. I’m walking around saying to Chris "don’t touch that I haven’t wiped it yet", stuff like that. As most my friends know I’m not the most house proud, but maybe I just don’t like other people’s dirt?

Yes it rained, it was cold and the guys that moved us I would never recommend EVER. They dropped our sofa in a puddle as with our matress. Scratched the fridge door handle and the side of the sofa and dragged my favourite shelves up the stairs instead of carrying them. They also walked through a giant puddle (instead of around it) everytime.

Aside from all the above moaning, it’s slowly feeling better. Spud’s coped fairly well. He’s a little freaked by being up high and keeps growling at the gargoyles on the roof opposite us. I may post pictures, but it’ll be on the weekend, this place is much darker and I’ll need daylight.

I’m even too tired to craft!! I know, that’s just wrong. Tonight I’m meeting with the IV’s and I think I’ll just have to go along and sit in a corner and be entertained by the ladies. Do you think they’ll notice if I fall asleep in a corner with my needles in my hands? I’d rather be with the IV’s than at home looking at all the stuff I need to unpack. The craft space looks like someone opened boxes and spewed* stuff everywhere. It’ll be tidied by the end of the weekend. It has to be, I have to sew a gift before Saturday, eek. Over and out and I promise more frivolity and craft next post. If you’ve sent me something and I’ve not posted, it’s coming, once I dig the camera out and finish unpack…….you get the idea.

*Talking about spew….woke up at 7am this morning to cat spewing ON ME, well on the velvet blanket on the bed up near my head. GROSSSS. Just as well it was chunky and not too wet. Maybe he’s not so happy about the move, here mum, take that!

2 thoughts on “Boxes, dirt, more boxes and more dirt

  1. amanda says:

    That does not sound fun! Sorry it was such a rough move. It WILL be over soon–this icky transition–and I’m sure you’ll be loving your new home before long!


  2. Janine says:

    Poor Nicole. Moving is not fun. It was the most awful weekend weatherwise. Give yourself a bit of time to recover. Please keep updating us on Spud. I am concerned/intriguied. I am pretty sad about leaving THE cat behind today for 8 weeks. Normally he treats me cooly on my return for a similar time that I was away- so we should be very close again….by October!


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