It’s been gifties galore around here the past few weeks. Due to "the move" we’re sans internet at home for at least another 5 days, but that’s another story. So the point being, I’m blogging after work at work. Not as much fun, but blogging nonetheless.

Finally unpacked the last of our belongings on Saturday, well I unpacked the rest of my crafty stuff (I reckon it took up at least a 1/3 of our move). I rediscovered the following treats received the past few weeks.

I apologise in advance for the average pics, these were taken in a frenzy on Saturday in between unpacking.

Juju put a call out for comments and a swaperoo. She sent some lovely fabric and I think some of the fabric (the one in the bottom of the pic) is vintage? Beads, tape measure and cute cards. Thanks!

Juju loves polka dots giftie

I sent Amanda some buttons and stuff a few weeks ago and she very kindly reciprocated! How sweet is she. She made me a pouch out of munki fabric (she knew I’d been dribbling over it), the prints are much lovelier in person. She also sent a skein of handpainted yarns wool, it’s so soft and a lovely colour, not sure what I’ll do yet and finally some of her marble magnets and a vintage vests pattern book. A great surprise!

Soule Mama giftie

And last, but definitely not least. I did a swap with Laurie. She made the cutest kitty!! My picture does not do it justice, check out her much better pic here. She also sent along some very cute paper and a little mod pincushie. Thanks!!

Liquid Paper giftie

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