It was Spicey’s birthday on Saturday. He had a casserole party (everyone bring a casserole). Lot’s of food, giggles and frivolity. I’m going somewhere with this, patience! I find making man gifts a challenge, but the obvious choice for Spicey was a mapron, since he’s the chef. I’d found some Michael Miller (French Country) fabric printed with instructions on keeping chickens for the table and partnered it with some tea towels I’d found at Target. The whole thing was edge sewn once it was turned out (basically two very large rectangle shapes, right sides placed together, sew around all 4 sides, leaving gaps for the insertion of the tie cord, if you’re cleaver you could sew the cords in at this point, but I’m not, and leave a larger gap so you can turn it out right way). Turn it out, press all seams, insert "cord" and oversew this, then edge sew the whole thing. I also did another line of stitching across the long edge at the top of the apron about 1inch down from the first line of stitching to create a waist of sorts. I also allowed quite large hems (about 1inch). Easy!

I don’t think this qualifies for Amy’s tie one on this month, the theme being "home on the range". Great idea Amy.

Front of apron

Back of apron

Reversible apron

7 thoughts on “Mapron?

  1. Nicole says:

    Hey Kelly…bondage?? I thought we’d put the gimp suit away…
    Thanks Joy
    J9 – No globe knife, will have to ask the man, it’s his.
    Spicey – Man apron indeed 🙂


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