Hey strangers! I’ve been "absent" from my blog the past 2-3 weeks and it’s a little strange. Feel like this week I’ve finally resurfaced from the moving trauma. Trauma’s a dramatic word, but it was. Totally in my head traumatic of course, self created, the best kind I reckon.

Starting to feel like crafting. A nice quick fix was to make my Martas arm knitted shawl (pattern and how-to at this link). I’ve not been to the store but hear it’s amazing. I have ordered online and her colourways are stunning. The shawl takes under an hour to knit (approximately 300gm yarn).

The bottom pic is my neck warmer (keeping with the current theme of scary pictures of myself and not being vain). I added the fringe (a mix of yarn and crushed velvet ribbon) and a flower, which you can’t see clearly in this picture. I also wear it off centre. Al has posted about these recently. Al M gave me this yarn as a gift, she just came back from Melbourne (lucky duck). She also gave me a bunch of other stuff which I didn’t photograph, partly because I’ve eaten it or I’m using it.

Shawl - arm knitted Neck shawl

My blog’s first birthday is next month! I’m impressed that I’ve managed to keep going the whole year and not get bored or tired of it. I’m thinking of a birthday month competition/giveaway but at the moment no brilliant ideas have come forth. Anyone with a suggestion feel free to email me or leave a comment, if I choose yours a little something special will come your way. Update: Alison and I are in discussions, stay tuned…

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