Self portrait Tuesday?

More like mug shot Tuesday! Kathreen’s been posting recently about self-portraits. Her’s are often stunning as are others. I’ve avoided this topic my whole life. I just hate having my photo taken. Smiling or "posing" just doesn’t come naturally (shut up to all my scoffing friends!). I went out with someone once who’s whole family could smile beautifully on command for photo’s. His grandmother used to complain, "Nicole open your eyes, smile, why are you pulling a funny face…" and so on. I now realise that I just don’t feel comfortable about my looks. I’m not a regular beauty, I have always felt "ugly" and hence when that sort of focussed attention is on me my face decides to do stupid stuff. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve gotten over a lot of the issues I had with my appearance, but I still can’t shake the funny face photo’s. This collection were taken today. I was trying to photograph some knitwear I had recently finished and discovered all the faces I pull. I’m also posting it here with the slight discomfort of realising how vain I am and decided that if Spicey can be a man-sized gnome, I can post these!


11 thoughts on “Self portrait Tuesday?

  1. joy madison says:

    cute! Thanks for sharing:) I love seeing everyone’s self portraits. I haven’t decided what I’m doing for mine yet, but on the west coast of the US I still have 3 hours to think about it:)


  2. kathreen says:

    mug shot indeed! see how personally freeing is that – to let go of your inner vain(ness) and show yourself to the world! seriously though – good on you for getting over your discomfort about photos. I actually have the same thing – I hate HATE anyone taking photos of me, and can only stand to have a photo of myself if I am in total control of the process (does that make me a control freak or completely sane) who wants to appear in innane family photos with everybody grinning madly anyway?


  3. amanda says:

    So glad you posted your faces! ;)It is rather funny, all these cropped heads left lying around the digital “cutting floor”. I, too, HATE having my photo taken, and am not at all comfortable with how I look in photos. Perhaps Self Portraiture is a bit freeing in that sense…
    Anyway, beautiful faces of you today!! Yay!!


  4. Nicole says:

    Joy – let’s see it!
    Kathreen – freeing? Sort of, more a little cringe worthy πŸ™‚
    Gillian – πŸ™‚
    Suse – Brave, gulp, what’s with the eyebrow?!
    Amanda – I know, what a lot of faces. Thanks!
    Spicey, Spicey, Spicey – ABSOLUTELY the wind. I won’t say anymore for fear of digging a bigger hole πŸ™‚


  5. Margaret says:

    You see, I have a theory.
    Photography is anti-human. I really don’t think our faces are supposed to be caught within the fraction of a second in movement.
    I see beautiful expressions on my daughter’s face; I click my digital camera; I see it a mere seconds later, and I think, ‘but she didn’t look like that!’ That’s because we see movement in facial expressions in real life at such speed and fluency that a photo cannot possibly capture or convey. (Well, except for some amazing professional photography. And to those, I truly take my hat off). But generally, your family happy snap type photography? (my level of photography) I’ve stopped being disappointed by it. Faces are so expressive and beautiful in real life, that to expect it to be the same when caught mid-movement is just too much.
    So, I think your portraits are fantastic. They capture your face in mid-expression and whether that’s beautiful by fluke, weird or “ugly”, your face is amazing.
    Here endeth my theory.


  6. Suse3 says:

    Brave in that you showed your whole face to the internet! I’m way too shy to do that. But you are gorgeous and I love your glasses, and that you have a wayward-yet-beautifully-shaped left eyebrow (see pics 1 and 3)


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