Shopped ’til I dropped

Just back from Sydney today after staying and meeting Al. Had a really lovely time and it was great meeting Alison in person. Al and I did quite a bit of retail therapy and her little son Max was extremely patient with us. I fell in love with Alison’s gorgeous kitties (real live ones, not just the softies) and her husband’s not bad either 😉

It was a great trip and just what I needed. To be out of my own spaces. A little perspective, a lot of inspiration and definitely a new buddy for life.

More to be posted later about the week, well about the week’s purchases. Not a lot of photography was taken. Lots of chatting about crafts and also the next back-tack. Yummy food and some local celebrity spotting. Al kindly shared her crafty supply haunts with me and she has some doozies. The ribbon shop, the button shop, the fabric stores, oh my, crafters heaven.

Di at Clementines Shoes absolutely knocked our socks off with a blog birthday gift for us both. I think a separate post is required to do it justice. I was stunned and totally blown away.

Wip it…

I rear-ended someone last year and gave myself whiplash. I had treatment straight away as I’ve had neck issues before and can suffer from migraine from a neck that’s playing up. To my frustration the neck pain has come back recently along with some lovely migraines. I ignored it for a couple of weeks…."it’ll go away". Well it didn’t. Off to the physio last week. I don’t have a regular one and as I moved house recently I just looked up a local one. I rock up in my tracksuit and birkies feeling fairly sexy, not! The receptionist says "John will be with you in a moment". I’m like cool, thinking John’s over 40 and tired and won’t care that I’ve not shaved my armpits for at least 6 weeks (I realise this as I’m sitting waiting for my appointment). So out rocks John. Yep you guessed it, about 25, 6ft tall, black hair, extremely blue eyes, fit and cute in a rocker sort of way.

John asks a bunch of questions, we chat, then he says, "Ok, just need you to take off your top, you have a bra on right?". (It’s ok people I had a bra on.) He says "I’ll be back in a moment". I’m like, GREAT. So off comes the shirt and he reenters and I’m holding the shirt in front of me like I’m 15 and semi-naked in front of a man for the first time. I know, I know, he’s a professional and I’m his patient and it was all very cordial. He’s like "if you could just put your shirt on the chair and let’s have a look at your neck". Harrrr. You can only imagine my inner talk. "Suck in your gut, oh crap the armpits." Let’s just say it all ended ok and I can laugh now but it was rather amusing to be an age where a physician is younger than me! (I found out he was born in 1983!) I had to go back yesterday and thank goodness got to keep my top on and I shaved my pits and everything. I came prepared. I also get to go back next week, he is rather cute in that I’m over 30 and you’re in your twenties and how sweet you are, come here, I’ll teach you a little, sort of way.

So, the point of this post? I’ve been knitting up a storm, well a storm for me recently. I’ve finished one of Teva’s scarfs (Cascade 220) and also another Marta’s special (Marta’s flowers). I’m quite happy with both and they’ve accompanied me to Sydney! You’d like to see pictures of the scarves? I ran out of time people. More when I get back next week.

Birthday grrl


You may have been reading that Al and I are having a birthday sew-off. Well more like a gift-off. I frantically finished sewing my softie last night. I was going to try and be clever and have more of a competition, but I think it’s the worst kept secret! So, here she is in all her glory. It’s sort of a mini-Al, say when she was 12?! She’s made from wool blanketing, her top is ’30s reproduction print (Aunt Grace) and her jeans are denim from an old pair of Levi’s. She also has knickers made from Aunt Grace and flower felt accessories. She’s about 12cm high. Overall I’m fairly happy with her. Her hair was a little tricky and it’s a bit messier than I’d have liked. So. Happy Blog Birthday Al! Smarty-pants Susie at Jujee guessed correctly! I’ve changed the rules slightly on her and will probably make her a felt kitty, I’ve run out of time as I’m on a plane in the next couple of hours to Sydney to see Al.

EDIT – 31/7, I didn’t mention where the doll pattern came from. Her inspiration and pattern came from this book.


I’m not going to make it too easy for anyone. But here’s another sneaky-peak at what I’m making Alison for her blog birthday. This might help make it a little more obvious? I’ll be making another to give to a reader who guesses the closest to what it is.


sneak-peak pieces


Having a knitting frenzy here at Craftapalooza. I know, to look at the blog you wouldn’t think so, but trust me, behind the scenes it’s all happening. I’ve knitted a couple of Teva’s bobble and leaf scarves, but after a call to Alison this morning realised that I’ve knitted them too short. Should have listened to the nagging voice in my head. They’re wearable but short, anyone with a skinny little neck? I also whipped up this scarf for Doughman from left over Rowan Big Wool from Suzy. He needed a serious scarf for work. From left to right we have hey baby, scary balaclava man, "look, over there, a squirrel" and catalogue man. Knitted on 15mm in moss stitch, took just over 2.5 balls.

scarf - hey baby... scarf - balaclava scarf - scarf - 9 to 5


I’ve finally gotten around to doing a back-tack finished notions flickr update. If you’ve sent us pics and don’t see yours in the gallery please resend them to us, backtackATgmailDOTcom.

The second back-tack is in the pipeline…more details in the next month or so.

Thanks again to all the players. We’ve have a few errant participants but overall a good innings.