I like…

There’s a lot to be positive about, now the dust has settled. Some happy snaps from around the apartment this weekend.


There’s a pond full of koi. They’re the friendliest (or just plain greedy) koi. You can stroke their heads, I haven’t named them yet, but no doubt I will. They range in size from 15cm to about 30-45cm. They’re the stars of this month’s header.


The view from the back deck. City glimpses. Looking forward to summer bbq. Gayle and I (more later on Gayle) were talking about getting a shared worm farm which will live on the deck.


There’s a mulberry tree out back! Jam you say? You bet! Have no idea when it’ll fruit.


Decking out back. Very civilised. Wearing my favourite birkies.


Hot water tap? Why you ask? In the last place we lived the toilet was off the laundry and the bathroom was not conveniently near it. Our friends used to wash their hands in the laundry sink. Not particularly pleasant. At this place, crap and wash straight away. Gotta love it. It’s the small things.


That my modbird looks so happy on the new mantle and suits the colour scheme so well. I didn’t like the green on the walls at first, but it’s growing on me.


Picture rails. The living room has these on all four walls. They’re great. I’m hoping Spud will decide that they’re his own personal racing track. No luck yet, but give him time.


Northern sunlight. The back of the apartment faces north. Lots of yummy sunlight. Lovely for sitting and having breakfast or yesterday afternoon a cuppa out on the sunny deck. Yes, I think I’m going to bore you all to tears with the deck.


That my cat in slacks picture sits nicely on the picture rail.


An out of focus gas cooktop picture? No. But I do love the gas cooktop, I love that it’s not 20 years old, that it’s surrounded by stainless steel and that under it is a fan forced electric oven. Heaven. Sad but true. The oven is lovely.

There is another "i like" but she’s not home at the moment for me to take a picture of her. Her name is lovely Gayle. She’s one of the reason’s we moved. She and her lovely husband Richard own the apartment next door. Her friends own the apartment we’re living in and Gayle assisted us in obtaining the apartment. Gayle’s a fellow IV and crafter (she’s got a fabulous craft stash, that is truly stashed). I like living next door to Gayle, Richard, Spooky and Pixie.

11 thoughts on “I like…

  1. kathreen says:

    love the green walls and picture rail and fire place mantel, fish are cool and love the view down the street. lovely place. oh and the tap – love the retro tap.


  2. joy madison says:

    It looks lovely. You get the most BORING apartments EVER in the u.s. I love the character in yours, and the green walls are to die for…..mmmmmmmm! Lickable….I hope they grow on you.


  3. Janine says:

    As a art deco lover- I am jealous! It looks BRILLIANT and GORGEOUS (say it in the little britain way…..).
    I am still pondering Spud doing laps on the picture rail.


  4. Janine says:

    As a art deco lover- I am jealous! It looks BRILLIANT and GORGEOUS (say it in the little britain way…..).
    I am still pondering Spud doing laps on the picture rail.


  5. amanda says:

    I’m so happy to hear that things are settling it–it takes some time, doesn’t it? That apartment is beautiful! The picture rail! The green! Ah!


  6. Hilari says:

    Add me to the list of the jealous! I love that picture rail. And the koi. And the deck. And the stove. Well, apparently I love it all! Happy New Home!


  7. Christine says:

    Looks awesome Nicole, love your decorating style. One question – where did you get the great letter G from? I am really wanting to get some letters like that and no idea where to start looking..


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