Craft has been happening here. Just that I’m knitting at the moment and I don’t think pictures of half finished knitting are interesting. Nearly finished Rosy (Debbie Bliss in Cotton Angora) and am frantically working on a lace scarf out of kidsilk haze for my boss’ birthday next week.

In the meantime here’s some links to keep you amused:

"My new friend Janine" (J9 as she’s referred to) has a blog detailing her adventures in Indiana USA at Camp Calcium. Yes that’s right you heard correctly, Camp Calcium (a calcium metabolic study). She’s also on the hunt for a decent cup of tea…any American’s out there want to point J9 in the right direction?

Go Fug Yourself! Amusing.

The Ribbon Jar. Lovely. What is it about a jar of ribbons that’s so appealing?

Free Katie. Titter.

Blog birthday celebrations coming!

2 thoughts on “Linked

  1. amy in az says:

    Hey! I am getting in touch with J-9– PURDUE is where I did both my degrees and we visit 2-3 times a year, and I have friends there (Ph D program)! SMALL WORLD! Someone is visiting my old stompin’ grounds!


  2. Janine says:

    Really enjoyed the Go Fug Yourself. As a big celebrity fashion watcher…often looking for the mishaps- this amused me muchly. Thanks! Also enjoyed Free Katie (are as Tom would say Free KATE)


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