back-tack roundup and blog birthdays

As I mentioned on Al’s blog last night, we’re doing a swappy guest bloggie thing for our blog birthday’s which both fall in July (pure coincidence). Alison and I have only met this past year through our blogs and mutual friends. Lot’s of freaky similarities and friends between us. We’ve decided that to celebrate a year of blogging we’d make each other a surprise softie. We’ll post hint/teaser posts over the next 2 weeks on each other’s blogs as guests.

So what’s in it for you, you’re asking?  Read the posts over the next few weeks and leave a comment on Al or mine’s blog (or both) if you can figure out what we’re making for each other. Al and I will make two of whatever we make and the "winner" or closest guess for each blog will receive something. So if you comment on Al’s blog and win, Al will send you something and vice versa for my blog. There may be runners up….we’ll just have to see!

I had a week off work booked for late July. I was just going to hang about the new place and craft. But I had a brainwave. Feeling a little jaded and tired with life at the moment I decided that I "needed" to fly to Sydney, New South Wales (I’m in Perth, Western Australia, 4100km’s/2547miles away) to meet Alison and to see an old friend I haven’t seen for over 5 years. So I invited myself to stay with her family. She very generously said yes (thank goodness or it could have been very embarrassing) and on the 27th July we’ll meet and swap blog birthday pressies! Fun!!

No post would be complete without photo’s. Here’s some pics of the final back-tack flickr gallery. If you haven’t sent your image to us yet, please do email it to backtackATgmailDOTcom (you need to send a photo of the items you made before you send it off).


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