Ooooooooh, it’s nice over here – I feel like I’m having a holiday. Look at those Koi carp!! Very zen. Like the way you’ve decorated in here Nic.

And happy birthday to you, and me, I guess. 1 year hey? A year in which we’ve got to know each other, and many other very talented fabulous individuals. And here I am minding my own business today, when someone tells me there’s an intruder on my blog. And lo, you’ve hijacked my posts and spilled the beans on a little craft present swap between us. Cool idea – let’s make each other a softie, and another one to give away in a competition. You want to know what I’m making Nicole? yeah, I bet she does too. Here’s a teaser:


Not fair? Here’s more.


Now guess away, and stay tuned for more crash invasions over the next few weeks…

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