CD Swap

I particpated in Christine’s CD swap in June in the midst of house packing, back-tacking and general nuttiness! I managed to get my 5 CD’s out. I was waiting until I’d received all 5 before I posted about the ones I received but figured even though I’m still waiting on one it was time, it’s been long enough! From left to right, Hey Lucy’s Groovy Music, Horse & Tack (I’ve misplaced the card that came with this, sorry and can’t find your blog address if you’re reading this please email me), Summer Songs (again, misplaced card!), Sparklers in the Night. I’d definitely take part in a swap like this again. Great fun to receive music that you haven’t chosen. I received an amazing variety of stuff. Thanks Christine.

cd swap

2 thoughts on “CD Swap

  1. Christine says:

    Hey Nic, sorry to hear you are still waiting on one. I’ll look up who was meant to send you one, and I’ll send you one of mine to make up for it!


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