Soft softie

Maitreya at Craftlog has created a very cool site, she’s kindly offered to catalogue Japanese craft books and finished projects from them! I’ve recently completed a couple of projects from a couple of books. The first was part of my back-tack ensemble.

Book is called Tiny Patchworks, ISBN 4529040178, great book.

back-tack pouch open

This softie is actually the design from the cover of an Aranzi book (ISBN 4579109783), if you can believe it! Something’s not quite right with the head I ended up with square edges. However, I made this in just under an hour on Saturday, when I remembered I was off to a baby bath (shower) and had nothing organised! (I should have listened to the nagging voice in my head last week). It was very easy to make if a little fiddly and using flannel made it a little trickier, next time I’d use iron on interfacing to help with fraying edges. The eyes are vintage buttons, with hindsight maybe not the wisest choice for a little person. I reckon he was a success as most of the people there were saying how unusual and scary he was! Funny. Compared to the store bought softies I think he held his own well. The flannel is from one of Amy Butler’s range and is lovely and soft.

Softie from Aranzi book

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