Sticky measures

Keeping with the back-tack theme and current obsession with all things small and cute I’ve made a few small pincushions in the shape of flowers. The pincushion in the middle is made from my own handmade felt with silk, the shimmer from the silk is lovely. A really satisfying and great quick fix craft. I’ve also made another tape measure, these are great fun to make, trouble is how many tape measures can a gal have….I’ll have to be giving some away I reckon.

tape measure pin cushie purple pin cushie pink

Given the apron fever at the moment I thought it appropriate I make my mum an apron she can wear whilst she paints. It’s fairly "industrial" being made from very plain calico. There are some pretty additions, like the orange pockets and the hand towel that’s attached at the front with a button, it can be easily removed to be washed. The scalloped edge on the bottom I wasn’t and still aren’t quite sure about. But I decided to leave it there. The pattern I made up as I went along. It helped that I have a bolt of calico that I could lay on the ground and sketch my pattern on to. If I was to make this again I’d make the bib more shaped or add darts. As my mum is well endowed I figured she’d need a big bib. This is me modelling it. I look quite dumpy!

Apron for mum

4 thoughts on “Sticky measures

  1. alesha says:

    No no, you look great! (It is an apron afterall; not the most flattering of apparel.) I love the colors and the button-on hand towel. What a great idea.


  2. africankelli says:

    I found your site from Backtack. I absolutely lOVE the bag you made as your gift. It is beautiful!
    Did you use a pattern for the flower pin cushions? Or did you just figure it out on your own?
    I am a new sewer and am rather daunted and intimidated by how creative and good everyone is at this!


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