Having a knitting frenzy here at Craftapalooza. I know, to look at the blog you wouldn’t think so, but trust me, behind the scenes it’s all happening. I’ve knitted a couple of Teva’s bobble and leaf scarves, but after a call to Alison this morning realised that I’ve knitted them too short. Should have listened to the nagging voice in my head. They’re wearable but short, anyone with a skinny little neck? I also whipped up this scarf for Doughman from left over Rowan Big Wool from Suzy. He needed a serious scarf for work. From left to right we have hey baby, scary balaclava man, "look, over there, a squirrel" and catalogue man. Knitted on 15mm in moss stitch, took just over 2.5 balls.

scarf - hey baby... scarf - balaclava scarf - scarf - 9 to 5

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