Birthday grrl


You may have been reading that Al and I are having a birthday sew-off. Well more like a gift-off. I frantically finished sewing my softie last night. I was going to try and be clever and have more of a competition, but I think it’s the worst kept secret! So, here she is in all her glory. It’s sort of a mini-Al, say when she was 12?! She’s made from wool blanketing, her top is ’30s reproduction print (Aunt Grace) and her jeans are denim from an old pair of Levi’s. She also has knickers made from Aunt Grace and flower felt accessories. She’s about 12cm high. Overall I’m fairly happy with her. Her hair was a little tricky and it’s a bit messier than I’d have liked. So. Happy Blog Birthday Al! Smarty-pants Susie at Jujee guessed correctly! I’ve changed the rules slightly on her and will probably make her a felt kitty, I’ve run out of time as I’m on a plane in the next couple of hours to Sydney to see Al.

EDIT – 31/7, I didn’t mention where the doll pattern came from. Her inspiration and pattern came from this book.

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