Wip it…

I rear-ended someone last year and gave myself whiplash. I had treatment straight away as I’ve had neck issues before and can suffer from migraine from a neck that’s playing up. To my frustration the neck pain has come back recently along with some lovely migraines. I ignored it for a couple of weeks…."it’ll go away". Well it didn’t. Off to the physio last week. I don’t have a regular one and as I moved house recently I just looked up a local one. I rock up in my tracksuit and birkies feeling fairly sexy, not! The receptionist says "John will be with you in a moment". I’m like cool, thinking John’s over 40 and tired and won’t care that I’ve not shaved my armpits for at least 6 weeks (I realise this as I’m sitting waiting for my appointment). So out rocks John. Yep you guessed it, about 25, 6ft tall, black hair, extremely blue eyes, fit and cute in a rocker sort of way.

John asks a bunch of questions, we chat, then he says, "Ok, just need you to take off your top, you have a bra on right?". (It’s ok people I had a bra on.) He says "I’ll be back in a moment". I’m like, GREAT. So off comes the shirt and he reenters and I’m holding the shirt in front of me like I’m 15 and semi-naked in front of a man for the first time. I know, I know, he’s a professional and I’m his patient and it was all very cordial. He’s like "if you could just put your shirt on the chair and let’s have a look at your neck". Harrrr. You can only imagine my inner talk. "Suck in your gut, oh crap the armpits." Let’s just say it all ended ok and I can laugh now but it was rather amusing to be an age where a physician is younger than me! (I found out he was born in 1983!) I had to go back yesterday and thank goodness got to keep my top on and I shaved my pits and everything. I came prepared. I also get to go back next week, he is rather cute in that I’m over 30 and you’re in your twenties and how sweet you are, come here, I’ll teach you a little, sort of way.

So, the point of this post? I’ve been knitting up a storm, well a storm for me recently. I’ve finished one of Teva’s scarfs (Cascade 220) and also another Marta’s special (Marta’s flowers). I’m quite happy with both and they’ve accompanied me to Sydney! You’d like to see pictures of the scarves? I ran out of time people. More when I get back next week.

7 thoughts on “Wip it…

  1. Shell says:

    *laughs* Oh, god! 1983? I Know exactly how that would feel – the ‘inner voice’ and all – I was sitting next to a spunky young thing on the bus just today and I kept wondering if I had any boogers hanging out my nose! What the hell? Haha!


  2. Di says:

    Snigger- you goose. Just proves you should always dress to impress! Hope the neck is improving and the headaches disipating. ..and you’re having fun in Sydney!


  3. Lyn says:

    For Godsakes, never let on that you might be getting better, you could keep this going for ages.
    Oh, and also, Where is this clinic ?


  4. Amy says:

    How can he be a physician at age 22????? What are they feeding these kids!!
    Hope your neck feels better!
    /born in ’82. Still in freakin’ college, man. Grr.


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