measure carefully

I made one of these customised tape measures for my BT pal. A friend saw it and wanted some for her business. I spent my evenings last week finishing these guys off. They’re retractable tape measures. Approximately 50mm in diametre and have a tape that’s 1.5metres long and measures both centimetres and inches.

customised tape measures

customised tape measures

If anyone’s interested in buying one similar to the ones you see here contact me and we can work out the details. As I mentioned on flickr they’re USD$14 each plus postage or USD$28 for two including postage to anywhere in the world (one address).

customised tape measures

customised tape measures


Di has started selling her stunning box bags. Al and I received one for our blog birthday’s and Hilary also received one via Back Tack. They are STUNNING, extremely well made, quality fabrics and gorgeous designs. Some of them include a coordinating pincushion or a little sashiko needlebook (really lovely). Get your asses over to flickr to check out the pics and pricing and go buy one.

Self portrait Tuesday

Firstly. WOW and thanks for all your great emails and posts regarding the bag choice. It’s still not decided, a few spanners thrown in (which is expected) and some unusual indecision on my behalf. I’ll let you know what I end up deciding. On to regular programming….

Self portrait Tuesday

Self portrait Tuesday. This week is my fridge surface. I lived with a very anally retentive man for years (a man who decided what colour, and I mean COLOUR, linens we slept in and who once threw out tea towels I bought because they were striped, but that’s another story) who wouldn’t allow anything on the fridge. Thank goodness I live with a man who tolerates and even participates in the graffiti on the fridge! There’s Kath magnets from Doughman, a postcard from Al M, a foot notepad from Em, various fridge magnets that I have made or received as gifts, a scratch and sniff cookie magnet from Jena and others.

Flickr pool and links to other self portraits.

opinions please!

When I was in Sydney visiting Al, I bought some fabric (and a button) with the intent of making a bag that would remind me of my visit with Al. I have a couple of ideas for the bag shape and design. The two designs below are what I’m teetering towards. Keep in mind it will be my "everyday" bag so it needs to be a little bit functional and not too frivolous. I carry around a mobile, a palm pilot, mini ipod, purse, keys and make up purse. There’s a picture of each of these items at the end of this post with approximate dimensions, for you maths freaks out there that like to be specific 🙂

So, the point. Well I’d like your opinions please. Bring it on, don’t like either bag design, fine, feel free to email me or post on the blog your suggestions. If I decide to use the bag pattern you suggest I’ll make you something or post you something, I’m not sure what, it’ll depend on the person. If I decide not to use any of the suggestions I’ll do a random draw and one of you will receive a love parcel (no that’s not rude) from me. And if you’ve swapped with me before (quoting Al here) you’ll know I’m no stingey giver! So here goes. Poll will close midnight Tuesday 30 August. Here’s a guide of what time it’ll be where you are at that time.


Here’s the fabric. The pink stripe on the left is an extremely soft flannel like fabric (it’s not wool flannel, it is cotton), this is to be the lining of the bag. The sandy coloured fabric on the right is a stunning wool fabric. See the creases in it, this is intentional, so the pattern for the bag will need to consider this. I’ll probably make the lining just short of the outer of the bag. And THE rose button to feature somewhere on the outer of the bag.


Option 1: Bag from Japanese craft book (ISBN 4579109988). Though I’ll probably make the strap a little longer.


Option 2: Hobo Slouchy. The one pictured here is for sale at One Good Bumblebee (picture from One Good Bumblebee), stunning vintage fabric! Go and buy it.

As promised the contents and dimensions of items I usually lug around.






Still here! Great, now please vote.

Self portrait Tuesday

ageing hand

I turn 34 in about 6 weeks and have noticed that once you’re over the 30 hump your skin starts to look older. I’ve noticed in particular the back of my hands are looking older, I don’t have young hands anymore. One thing I am pleased about are my fingernails (yes this is a truly deep and meaningful self portrait Tuesday post!). For years I used to bite them until they bled. Gross! It’s quite unusual to see my nails naked.

I finally stopped biting them a few years ago and have been fortunate that they survived the years of me munching them. One of the rituals I started once I had nails was a weekly self manicure including painting my nails once a week. I’ve done it for over 5 years now, however these past 3-4 months I’ve stopped painting them. I think partly because I’ve been too busy but also because I’ve been fed up and stressed at work. I’ve managed to not bite my nails but now I’ve moved on to attacking my cuticles. Just as gross. There may be a change on the horizon soon for work and hopefully I’ll start leaving my cuticles alone.

weekend folly

This weekend was noice. Great weather (see the blue sky below). Knitting at the pub. Yummy food, roast lamb and vegies on Sunday and entertainment by Mr Leigh.

Finally made cumquat jelly from the home grown cumquats. Managed to get 3 jars. I added cloves to the finished jelly when bottling it, don’t know if it’ll add to the flavor. It seems to have set really well, so I’ll definitely go to the trouble of making jelly again.

cumquat jelly

Saturday pub knit with Gayle, Em and Janine. We met some very sweet guys (behind the girls). I think they had more than double the piercings we had, but they were just as fascinated with our knitting as we were with their piercings and leather.

saturday pub knit

Eventually this will be the herb garden. I got as far as melting the records this weekend but couldn’t drag my lazy ass to the nursery to buy organic potting mix and seedlings. I’m thinking basil, mint, sage, rosemary, catnip and parsley.

record bowls

This one will be the flower pot. Not sure what, maybe a native. Don’t know if you can grow Sturt Desert Peas in pots?

record bowl

Whilst sitting in the sun on the deck I attacked a kitty that had gone a bit wrong. I’d dropped her and one of her eyes had splintered so I had to gut her and cut out the eye. Sounds a bit gruesome. She’s looking a little worse for wear but I’m hoping she’ll come together.

deconstructed kitty front

deconstructed kitty back

EDIT – Record bowls, how to, here and there used to be a tutorial at Get Crafty but I can’t locate it.

It’s enough to make your ovaries ache…

I’m at that point/age in life where I guess I have to seriously consider having children or not. A lot of my friends have little ones and I love them. I also admit to loving going home and being "selfish" and being able to do whatever I want when I want, of course with consideration to Doughman.

Then Emma goes and posts this. Oh, my goodness. I’m already emotionally attached to lovely little Luka and then she does this. How cute is he. He’s just too lovely. He’s not making it an easy choice!