Blog birthday shenanigans

As Al’s posted, we had a great few blog birthday day’s together in Sydney. It’s sooo cool to meet a fellow craft obsessed blogger in person. We’re spread all over the place in Australia and whilst there’s quite a few of us crafty bloggers we definitely don’t have the huge community that our American and even European blogger pals have.

Lovely Di (as she’ll be forever known) sent us the most amazing blog birthday parcel! There were six parcels each in total, and each parcel had a letter of our name attached to it. As 4 letter’s in Al and my names are the same it was a bit of a lucky dip. So sweet and so much fun! She gave us yummy Greens chocolate, a moleskin notebook, scrumptious soap, a skein of Marta’s slubby, Husk tea and a stunning sewn container (extremely well sewn and beautiful fabrics). Alison and I played very nicely and didn’t squabble too much over which parcels we wanted!

We have the note….(all pics courtesy of 6.5 stitches)

the note and instructions

and the two sets of parcels…

both sets of packages before the unwrapping carnage

MY parcels….can you see it spells out my name?

can you see my name spelt out?

This is what was revealed…

my gift

And both the containers. Al’s is the one in the foreground.

amazing sewn containers

I was and still am amazed by Di’s generosity and the effort she put into all of this. So amazing. I received an email from Di this weekend and she’s coming to Perth (she’s a Perth girl originally too) and we’re going to get together!

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