shopping anyone?

As you know I’ve just gotten back from a great 4 days with Al. She took me to a lot of her crafty haunts. The button store, the ribbon store, the fabric stores AND Kinokuniya where I indulged myself.

I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking. On the left the softest cotten striped fabric. In the middle and on the right a metre each of some Marimekko prints. The one on the right is going to become a wall hanging.


A couple of screen printed tea towels. I think it’ll be too painful to use them. I may end up sewing with them? Or is that worse? Cutting them up and sewing as opposed to using them? I’m not sure yet. The apples/pear one is by a company called Anty Matter in Torquay in Melbourne Victoria and the cupcake one is by Rokoco. They also do napkins, table runners and aprons (yes they have a cupcake apron, but I don’t think it’s as cute as the tea towel).

tea towels

Some ribbon…


And the world’s most stunning button, it’s about an inch in diametre.

rose button

I’m too lazy to grab the covers of the books I bought at Kinokuniya, but here are some ISBN’s:

and a copy of cotton & paint

There’s also some yarn and some more fabric, but I reckon that’s enough gloating for the moment!

6 thoughts on “shopping anyone?

  1. VaxGirl says:

    Lately I have a thing for embroidered tea towels which I’d never use as a towel either. Target sells clip rings I use to make curtains out of them. They look cute and leave the towel intact if you ever want to repurpose it.


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